Kenn Vidro
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Kenn was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan on November 22, 1952.  He has
always loved words and is constantly doing word puzzles.  He also loves to
illustrate and is always drawing cartoons.  So it was “natural” to combine the
two loves into
He feels that he is truly a blessed man…..Kenn has a beautiful wife and four fantastic kids plus seven
beautiful grand-daughters ...Isabel, Natalie, Maya, Emme, Lilli, Briar & Brynn !!!!!  Barb is his wife
(Barbie & Kenn if you haven’t figured it out yet); his kids are Joshua, J.C., Danny & Erica.  They are
the best kids a Dad could ever want!!  Which makes Kenn a
"GLAD DAD".  He's been happily married
for over 40 years !........(Because his wife's such a great cook, he says he battles not to become her
Kenn attended Grand Rapids Community College, Michigan State University and Grand Valley State
University.  As you can see he has acquired some
"COLLEGE KNOWLEDGE". He's an Elementary
ART Education Major  (He's actually
"ART SMART") and has a Masters Degree in Elementary
Education.  Currently, he teaches ART in the Rockford Public School District in Rockford, MI. in an
after-school program capacity.
Kenn enjoys life to the fullest by laughing a lot….loving a lot…..
hugging a lot.…eating a lot of cookies........and smiling as often
as he can !!!!